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About Us

Radiant Hospital Training Institute (RHTI) is a learning institute offering training and certification on healthcare courses with industry best practices.
Founded in January 2023, RHTI remains firmly focused on ensuring that the learners achieve performance excellence, adapt to changing realities, and develop initiatives to prosper in the Healthcare sector.


We guarantee well-rounded training and education by combining modern theory with a practical, consultative, and interactive delivery style. This is complemented by qualified and certified trainers, a modern library, technology center, and after-school programs.

At the heart of the RHTI journey, lies the esteemed Radiant Group of Hospitals (RGH). By providing practical skills to individuals, RGH molds them into exceptional healthcare professionals. This is achieved through a comprehensive training regimen, thoughtfully designed career development pathways, and certifications bestowed by our institute.


To be a great academic health center by producing the best graduates for the Health Industry 


To develop a learning culture amongst our students by instilling knowledge, skills, and qualities requisite for quality patient care.


Core Values 

  • Communication
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity


September 8th (9am – 12 noon)