There are major and minor operating theaters open 24hours daily, with specialized team of surgeons, anesthetists and competent nursing staffs to attend to any emergency and elective surgery

Our family health clinic offers comprehensive care to expectant ladies and their partners on all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth, pre-natal exercises, health talks etc., effectively preparing the mother for child birth and motherhood. The clinic operates all days on 24 hour basis.

We have sophisticated equipment and a dedicated dental personnel, our dental unit provides services to include tooth extraction, restoration which includes both permanent or temporary fillings, scaling, teeth bleaching, orthodontic treatment, prosthetic:- partial or complete dentures, root canal treatment checkups, consultations and education among others. That guarantees apt oral hygiene for our clients.

At RGH, our in-patients get to recuperate in our outstanding ward facilities in serene environments and under the watch of professional nursing care. We have several types of wards depending on the condition of the patients. We have a fully-fledged maternity unit, neonatal unit, male / female wards, pediatric wards as well as medical and surgical wards. We ensure each patient receives personalized attention for his / her specific medical needs. At RGH, we give people their lives back.

Radio-logical treatment is provided by suitably trained and qualified health care professionals in a safe and protective environment. The facility provides radiology and other diagnostic services to meet the needs of its clients. The provision and use of the facility using ionizing radiation are undertaken in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Radiation Protection Board and meets the applicable rules for license of these services

RGH offers 24hr ambulance services with an EMT crew who are highly trained and competent in all aspects of emergency care, from trauma injuries to cardiac arrests. 

We provide inter-hospital transfer of patients, safe patients' evacuations to hospitals, events coverage, pre-paid emergency cover as well as service to victims of road traffic accidents and mass casualty incidents in Nairobi and its environs.




  • + 08:00 AM ANC Clinic
  • +08:00 AM Psychiatry
  • + 12:30 PM Optometry



  • + 09:30 AM Orthopedic
  • + 08:00 AM well baby
  • + 2:00 PM Optometry



  • + 02:00 PM Surgical (SOPC)



  • + 08:00 AM Mopc (cardiology)
  • + 08:00 AM Well baby clinic



  • + 08:00 AM Gynecology clinic
  • +1:30 PM Dermatology clinic



  • + 01:30 ENT Clinic

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